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Welcome to 586 Records

27th November 2015

586 Records came into being, September 2014.

Primarily my reason behind setting the store up was to make a massive and positive change in my lifestyle.

With encouragement and a nudge from an ex girlfriend (thanks Jane), I approached B&D Studios and enquired about the possibility of renting a space on the 3rd floor of Commercial Union House to start selling some of my own record collection. Ones I’d found from old digging haunts and ones that’d been kindly donated to me from friends, long time supporters and well wishers.

Through support and advice from Generator and Pinetree Trust, I secured funding to allow me to move onto the next stage of opening up a record store.

A bespoke cabinet maker started to build the units to hold the records I’d be selling, listening posts for customers to hear their potential buys, a high table for visitors to sit at, my counter and wall displays for my vinyl.

The New Year and building customer numbers allowed me to start enquiring and looking into the possibility of selling brand new releases, rather than the 2nd hand records I had primarily been selling.

This in turn, has meant that there was a real need to ensure this venture was available to not only my locally based customers, but anyone with access to the internet. Hence this website.

I hope that you’ll find the website of interest and ultimately that I am discovering some fine records which you’ll buy from me, love and share with others!.


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