Testimonial From A Customer, Of 586 Records, Selling Their Records.

3rd October 2018


‘I believe the excellent experience I had selling my vinyl collection through Antony Daly is worth mentioning.


My original plan was to sell my vinyl collection in bulk and I approached a number of vinyl sellers throughout the UK with a list of my records. I had a good number of replies with suggested figures for the vinyl which frankly were slightly disappointing.


Antony, however, did not send me a figure, instead, he sent me a suggestion. If I was not in a hurry to sell the vinyl then why didn’t I bring the entire collection through his shop, 586 Records in Newcastle, and he would sell it on my behalf.


The arrangement was this: All of my vinyl was labelled up and sold from within 586 Records and whatever money and Antony got from the sale of the vinyl would be split 50-50 between us. This was a service Antony had already successfully provided for his customers so, after careful consideration, I decided to give it a go.


Antony keeps a rigorous spreadsheet of all of the vinyl and all of the money collected from the sale of it and so I was given regular updates as to the progress of the sale. At any point in the process, I could simply contact Antony and he would transfer the current balance through to my bank account.


By the time all of the vinyl had been sold I had made more than five times the money I had been offered for a bulk sale from other shops. I would recommend Antony’s service to anyone.


I found Antony a reliable, friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy person who kept me regularly up-to-date on the progress of my sale. In this rather impersonal modern world, it was refreshing to find someone like Antony who cares about what he does, knows his vinyl and above all understands the needs of his customers and respects them’.


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