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8th May 2023

Since 1985 I was an avid vinyl junkie and had a large collection of UK/US House & Dance music but stopped buying in the early 90s.

In 2011 I moved to the UAE for work and my record collection ended up in my sister’s loft. I ended up getting married and moved to the Philippines instead of returning to the UK.

I would have loved to transfer my record collection to the Philippines with me but it was not practical and would have been very expensive so while I was back in the UK visiting my family, I decided to try to sell my records.

After ringing a few places and being offered very little for my records I came across Antony’s website I contacted Antony and he said he would do all the hard work and advertise and sell my records. Anything Antony got from the sale would be split 50-50 between us.

I decided to take Antony up on his offer and loaded up my hire car with all my records and took them to his unit in Gateshead.

As well as his unit in Gateshead Antony sells the records online at

After 9 months I e-mailed Antony for an update on the sale of the records. I was blown away by the amount he had already made from the sale of the records. I e-mailed him again a few weeks before I returned to the UK again for another update. Antony transferred the procedures from the sales to my bank account.

I managed to get a better deal from Antony selling the records than selling them in bulk to any other record shop.

Antony is honest, reliable, and knows what he is doing when selling records. I would recommend 586 Records to anyone, looking to sell their record collection


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